Rumba y Timbal was founded in 2007 by Roberto Figueroa. Roberto spent several years working as the Latin Director of Jam’nastics (a non-profit organization). He formed his own company with a vision of growing and building it into one of the best salsa companies in Boston. Rumba y Timbal has developed its own style which blends Cuban rumba body movements, fast footwork, spins and acrobatics with elegance. We are committed to enriching the lives of those we teach, working with Youth’s especially inner city school’s around Boston, and promoting Latin Culture and Diversity.


Rumba y Timbal Dance Company is a Salsa Dance Company seeking to bring the energetic rhythms of Afro-Cuban and Latin American music and dance to life within the Greater Boston area as well as to build a professional company that is known world-wide. Through studio and club classes, private lessons, performances, community outreach, and special events; Rumba y Timbal brings athleticism, passion and energy to the realm of Latin Dance and Salsa.


Why Rumba y Timbal? The name of our company comes from our passions. Rumba is the Cuban dance form on which much of salsa is based. Timbal is the instrument Tito Puente was known for and the instrument that inspires us most.

Learn to dance with us. everything about us is hard work.

Learn to dance with us. everything about us is hard work.